Main features

Displio is an excellent digital signage management app that offers you a wide range of functionalities to effectively manage your advertising displays.
You can easily create and manage a variety of content, including attractive images, engaging videos, informative texts and interactive widgets.

Thanks to Displio, you have the unique ability to schedule and program the content according to your exact demands and needs.
Let your creativity flow and tailor your content to different time periods and important events, giving you total control over what's shown on your displays.

Images, videos, audio files, websites

Scheduling for specific times or days

Easy content management and editing

Editor for display layout creation

Innovative solutions for digital communication!

Why Displio?

With Display, you get an innovative digital communication tool that sets a new standard. The app features a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes controlling and presenting your digital content easy.

Our user-friendly platform allows you to conveniently schedule and update content according to your individual needs. Displio can easily connect to external applications, allowing you to respond to current offers and events. You can quickly and efficiently create attractive displays and customize them to specific time slots, days of the week and special events.

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Getting started with Displio is really easy!

How does it work?


Completely free

Create your free Displio account


Upload content

Upload the content you want to display on screen


Connect the screen

Link the display by entering the code from the screen into Displio app

I want to try Displio without obligations
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How can Displio benefit you?

Saves time

Easy content management and quick changes on displays.

Easy and available support

Chat support directly in the app, as well as via email or phone.

Customer experience

Better buying experience for your customers.

Unattended displays

Displio saves you time. By connecting to external applications, it can change the content on the displays by itself.

Efficient planning

Easy time management for individual displays.

Cloud operation

Constant development brings updates without added costs or update fees.

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